Amanda, Michigan

You’re a rockstar.  Thank you :)


Regarding: Remotely installing a virtual environment for Windows XP on a Macbook Pro.

Jane, Williamstown

Thanks,Hunter! So glad I got a Mac!

TV is working out great….HUGE improvement!


Regarding: Mac Laptop Updates and Installation of a new 40″ LED TV with matching Blu-Ray player for streaming Netflix.

Mike, Williamstown

Hunter, I wanted you to know that Jackie did a great job the other day, and thank you for following up so quickly on my initial request.  It’s good knowing you folks are in town!


Regarding: Mac OS 10.6 System Optimizations; Compatibility checks with

Lee, Williamstown

Great. I’ll be in touch. But your instructions were flawless, and the machine is running like new.


Regarding: Optimizing a windows system following a spyware infection.

Kathy, North Adams

Thank you so much for setting me up [with my new iMac]. It is great. I loaded on photoshop elements 8 today that I got new a while back – so I am all set to go! At some point I will get some kind of publishing or indesign. Thanks!
Regarding: Purchase and set-up of a new Apple iMac.

Jean, North Adams

We want to extend our appreciation of the great job you did for our home and look forward to future services along with recommending your business to all of of friends.
Regarding: Installation and wiring for high speed wireless internet, a bedroom television and full home theatre with surround sound.

Ann, Williamstown

Thanks Hunter

I really appreciate your attention to my little business.  You’re the best!


Regarding: Developing an internet-based backup strategy for securely storing off-site backups.

Molly, Williamstown

Super! Oh thank you very much!

Regarding: Updating a client website by removing several top-level navigation elements.

Liz, Williamstown


Thanks, as always, for your prompt attention to our problems/issues.

You are great to work with and we appreciate your help.


Regarding: Upgrading to a new Canon wireless photo printer.

Sarah, Williamstown

Hunter, That is great! Thank you so much. Let me know how it goes fixing my old computer and we’ll take it from there.
Always appreciative, Sarah


Regarding: Replacing defective LCD on a PC laptop.