Hi Leslie –

I presume the Norton notice you received was through email, as I do not believe the Norton software had been installed on your workstation. We have never been a big fan of Norton. Aside from the annual subscription, We have not seen Norton’s ability to keep a system secure to be any more effective than other security solutions like Microsft Security Essentials, AVG or TrendMicro. Furthermore, Norton is a big, clumsy, bloated program that tries to rule your life – storing passwords, scrutinizing the websites you visit, slowing down your system and often times, without cause of alarm, entering a ‘stealth’ mode that blocks all access to the internet. The best course of action is to make sure you are installing Windows Updates as they become available & allowing Microsoft Security Essentials to run its routine scans & updates.

To search documents, simply click on the Start Menu (bottom-left hand corner), and enter a phrase or name in the search box at the bottom of the box that opens. That search mechanism searches through all your files. It mostly works (I say ‘mostly’ because compared to Apple’s Spotlight functionality, it is pathetic). Many people actually prefer to use Google Desktop (http://googledesktop.blogspot.com/).

For backup, I would highly recommend an off-site solution, like this one:


You can back up your data to CrashPlan’s own systems or we maintain one ourself that many of our clients prefer to use.

Hope all is well and that you find this information useful.


hunter greene Brainspiral Technologies, Inc.