Hi Pam –

The problem could be a bunch of different things.

1) I assume you have Verizon DSL. Is the modem in the same room as your computer? Or is the modem elsewhere and the computer is connecting to the modem wirelessly?

2) There are different kinds of slowness. Are you noticing that the slowness only occurs when you are accessing internet resources? Or are you noticing the machine slow in general (slow to boot, slow for programs to open)?

3) It’s not likely the new monitor has anything to do with the problem.

4) Do you have any other computers in the house – desktops or laptops – that share the same internet connection. If so, are they slower, especially when accessing internet resources?

Answers to these questions might help determine what the problem is – and how to fix it!


On Mar 10, 2011, at 11:26 AM, Michael J. Shepard wrote:

> We just moved our computer to a different room and the speed has slowed to almost dial-up era. The only other change we made was to a new larger flat screen monitor. What did we do? > > Pam